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Testimonial: Sophia Goss, Lake Forest College

Sophia Goss

The experience of being in a foreign country, and being exposed to a culture drastically different than the one I was raised in, was truly an irreplaceable and amazing experience. What made the experience memorable was the relationships I was able to build while abroad. As of right now I am still in close contact with the other members of the program but I also have plans to see my host mother in May. More than any other aspect of my study abroad experience, my host family was truly the most memorable and precious part of my time abroad. I was lucky enough to have one of the most loving and caring host moms in the program and I was able to foster a genuine and precious relationship with her even though she knew very little English. She indirectly taught me important lessons about Arab and Jordanian culture that could not be taught in a classroom. She was truly my most memorable experience abroad.

—Sophia Goss, political science and international relations major

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