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Testimonial: Jinglin Feng, Knox College

Jinglin Feng

My Shanghai program all together was a bundle of joy. I had the best time in Shanghai attending classes and meeting new people at one of the top universities in China. The ECNU campus was beyond my imagination, from a girl who attends a private liberal arts college in the middle of cornfields. The surroundings of the campus were busy and crowded; however, the campus itself was peaceful and studious. There are many student organizations available for international students, so it felt like my home away from home; I was happy and comfortable. The highlight of my study abroad experience was the weekend trips that were organized by the visiting faculty director. With his time and efforts, we were able to visit some of the smaller cities around Shanghai. We had the opportunities to see the more of rural parts in one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Having the privilege to live and study in Shanghai, which is the financial center of Asia, I failed to remember the fact that China still has so much to offer from all aspects. I cannot wait to return and visit my friends and professors! 

—Jinglin Feng, integrated international studies major

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