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Testimonial: Meghan Beltmann, Coe College

Meghan Beltmann

It wasn’t reading Dante on the steps of Santa Croce in Florence, feeding the pigeons in Piazza San Marco, or learning to make pasta carbonara from my Italian host family (who I'm still in touch with!). It wasn’t seeing London from one of those famous double-decker buses, climbing on the bronze lions in Trafalgar Square, or touring the Globe Theatre before going to their new production of Romeo and Juliet. But, somehow, all of these experiences, when combined with countless others on the London & Florence program, opened my eyes to new possibilities and added an international perspective to my studies and my life. Before going on this program, I had barely traveled outside the Midwest; now I have visited more than a dozen countries and have a career in international education, so I can help other college students have meaningful study abroad experiences, like the one I had with ACM.

—Meghan Beltmann, London & Florence, Spring 2004

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