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Testimonial: Jim Gregory, Hanover College

Jim Gregory

The most beneficial aspect of ACM’s Chicago Program was the setting. You can learn entrepreneurial theory in any classroom, but being in such a large city, surrounded by a thriving business culture, was a transformative experience that I only now notice, having returned to my small campus. Having met many business owners at various stages of development and being able to speak with them freely and personally about their business struggles made the idea of starting and growing a business more real and achievable. As a small business owner and college student, the things I learned during my participation in the ACM Chicago Program could be applied directly and instantaneously to my business plan in its day to day execution. I would not have the motivation, determination, and vision toward achieving my business goals had I not experienced this entrepreneurial business program in the extremely supportive and approachable city of Chicago. It changed my life.

—Jim Gregory, anthropology major

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