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Testimonial: Sarah Brown, Ripon College

Sarah Brown

There are so many magnificent things to encounter on the London & Florence program. If asked to sum up my experience abroad in one sentence, I might hem and haw a bit trying to decide whether to talk about flipping coins into the fountain in Rome or socializing with the scruffy pony in a field on the side of the road in Stratford, the historic awe that is Florence's church of San Miniato or the puzzle piece wonder of London. I think I would finally say, however, that the most defining moments of going abroad were the moments I have been able to bring home with me. As the Italians say, "Ho capito que… non capisco, ma e’ va bene." ("I understood that I don’t understand, but that it is OK.") Since I have gotten home, I have come to realize that along with the plethora of academic knowledge imparted to us, the London & Florence program gave me the opportunity and security I needed to be truly alone with myself and to learn how to trust myself again. I re-discovered the wonder of my life and found new curiosity in the world.

—Sarah Brown, history and English major

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