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Testimonial: Sarah Schulte, Colorado College

Sarah Schulte

In choosing where to study abroad, I sought an environment which would challenge me intensely and turn the world-as-I-knew-it upside-down; my stint in India did both unequivocally. Even more than challenge me, India enchanted me with her dizzying complexities, both beautiful and problematic. I left India with a greater sense of self, of the world and with newfound love for a culture and her people, specifically for the seven individuals—my family—with whom I lived. Staying with a host family in Pune is one of the prime positives of the ACM India program; there is no better way to learn and live within Indian culture than to do so in the home of an Indian family. I am fortunate now to carry my experience with me wherever I go; sights, sounds and smells which will forever color the facets of my life.

—Sarah Schulte, philosophy major

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