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Grants Received

ACM college faculty (and the titles of their projects) who received grants through the ACM-University of Chicago Faculty Development Grant Program.


  • Brian Bockelman (History, Ripon College), Mapping New World Bohemias in the Early Twentieth Century: Lessons from the Chicago School of Urban Sociology
  • Adrienne Falcon (Anthropology/Sociology, Carleton College) Youth Programs in Chicago in the 20th Century
  • Eric Fure-Slocum (History, St. Olaf College), Losing Hope: Workers' Disengagement and Political Cynicism in Metropolitan America
  • Daniel Groll (Philosophy, Carleton College), Conscientious Objection in Medicine
  • Fred Hagstrom (Studio Art, Carleton College), Printmaking and Bookmaking
  • Robert LaFleur (History and Anthropology, Beloit College) Round and Square – Seasons of Change on China's Sacred Mountains
  • Debra Majeed (Religion, Beloit College), Marriage and Divorce in Muslim and Jewish Law
  • Voula Saridakis (History, Lake Forest College), World History in the Windy City: Understanding the Past through an Exploration of Chicago Objects


  • Robert Beck (Education, Lawrence University), Dialogic Relationships: Learning Theory and Tool
  • Steven Sacks (Religion, Cornell College), Israel in the Heavens


  • Patrick Naick (English, Coe College), St. Clair Drake's and Horace Cayton's Bronzeville


  • Elizabeth Carlson (Art History, Lawrence University), Merchandising Modernism: Cubism in the American Department Store
  • Shannon Reed (English, Cornell College), Reading and Studying Literature in the Early Modern Period
  • Emily Stovel (Anthropology, Ripon College), Chemical Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics from Museums


  • Stephen Fineberg (Classics, Knox College), Theseus and Ariadne; Greek Vases
  • Saadi Simawe (English, Grinnell College), Images of Blackness and Africanness in Arabic and American Literatures and Cultures