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Committee on the Status of Women (CSW)

The ACM Committee on the Status of Women was constituted by the Advisory Board of Deans to provide advice and counsel on advancing the status of women on our member campuses, including such issues as advancing women in higher education administration, addressing gender-based differences in academic job satisfaction, and assuring the full participation of women in existing ACM initiatives. The Committee will also serve as a consortial liaison to other higher education initiatives involving the status of women in the professoriate (e.g., the AAC&U's National Agenda for Women in Higher Education).

The Committee does not have a governance function, but will recommend and carry out appropriate consortial projects with clearly stated rationales and objectives through which the interests of women faculty and staff members can be advanced, or through which campuses are assisted in developing programs and practices to support women in our student bodies, faculty and staff. From time to time, the Committee may also share information among member campuses regarding the status of women. The Committee may also recommend priorities for consortial initiatives to the Advisory Board of Deans and Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and Advisory Board of Deans will determine which projects to pursue and, from time to time, may ask the Committee to coordinate particular initiatives.

The Committee on the Status of Women was awarded a ACM FACE grant to sponsor "Women in the Academy: Deining our Roles," a conference hosted by Coe College on September 25-27, 2009. See for more information.

Updated 10/8/14