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Conferences, Workshops, & Meetings

Each year, the ACM facilitates collaboration among hundreds of administrators, staff, and faculty from the 14 ACM member colleges.

At a wide variety of consortial meetings, colleagues share information and leverage their collective experience to address challenges and to further their colleges' goals.

This interaction among campus leaders is a major focus of consortial activity, along with professional development and student programs such as off-campus study. These three areas intersect and reinforce each other to enhance the consortium's effectiveness and value to the member colleges.

Staff/Administrative Meetings and Initiatives

The ACM college presidents, who comprise the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board of Deans have governance responsibilities for the consortium. Administrative and staff groups that meet regularly include:

  • Presidents (ACM Board of Directors)
  • Academic Deans (ACM Advisory Board of Deans)
  • Admission Officers
  • Advancement Officers
  • Alumni Directors
  • Annual Fund Directors
  • Athletic Directors
  • Career Services Officers
  • Chief Diversity Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Communication Officers
  • Financial Aid Officers
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Institutional Research and Assessment Directors
  • International Student Advisors
  • Librarians and Information Technology Directors
  • Off-Campus Study Directors

In addition to sharing and best practices and discussing common concerns, these groups have pursued initiatives ranging from ACM-sponsored athletic tournaments to outreach to high school students and counselors to sharing statistical information.


The ACM hosts listservs for more than 50 administrative, staff, and faculty groups to help colleagues across the ACM connect with each other, share resources, plan meetings, initiate joint projects, and address specific issues and opportunities.

For questions about listservs, contact Betsy Hutula, ACM Chief of Staff.

Other Support for Consortial Collaboration

Professional development conferences and workshops

Throughout the year, professional development conferences, workshops, and seminars are sponsored by the ACM and by faculty-led projects that receive support from ACM grant-funded programs.

Funding for ACM groups to meet

To encourage and support meetings among consortial colleagues, funding is available to help ACM administrators and faculty caucus at professional conferences, on campuses, or at the ACM office in Chicago.

Meeting organizers can apply for up to $750 to cover meeting costs, such as group meals, a meeting room, or a guest speaker. For information, contact Betsy Hutula at ACM.

Meeting space and travel resources

Meeting space at the ACM consortial office in downtown Chicago is available for use by groups of faculty, staff, and students from the member colleges. ACM also has made arrangements for discounted rates at hotels in Chicago, nationally, and internationally for faculty and staff at ACM member colleges.


Macademia — Connecting colleagues who share research interests

Are you looking for faculty and staff on ACM campuses who share your research interests? Use Macademia, a web-based resource developed at Macalester College that visualizes your search results by showing connections between research topics and colleagues.

One search, 14 colleges

Is there something you want to look up for all the ACM colleges? Use the Google ACM custom search engine. Your results will be aggregated from all 14 ACM college websites.