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Meeting on Languages

June 11-12, 2013

Chicago, IL

The following faculty and administrators were designated by chief academic officers at their institutions to participate in the EMKE (Enhancing the Midwest Knowledge Ecosystem) meeting on languages.

Note: This meeting was originally scheduled for February, 2013, and was rescheduled to June 11-12 due to inclement weather.


Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)

  • Beloit College - Donna Oliver, Professor of Russian
  • Carleton College - Éva Pósfay, Professor of French
  • Coe College - Monica Fuertes-Arboix, Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Colorado College - Clara Lomas, Professor, Spanish Department
  • Cornell College - Joe Dieker, Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the College
  • Cornell College - Lynne Ikach, Professor of Russian
  • Grinnell College - Kelly Herold, Associate Professor of Russian
  • Knox College - Robin Ragan, Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Director of Center for Global Studies
  • Lake Forest College - Gizella Meneses, Assistant Professor of Spanish
  • Lawrence University - Peter-John Thomas, Assistant Professor of Russian
  • Luther College - Elizabeth Steding, Assistant Professor of German
  • Macalester College - David Martyn, Professor of German Studies
  • Macalester College - Kathleen Murray, Provost & Dean of the Faculty
  • Monmouth College - Carina Olaru, Assistant Professor of Modern Foreign Languages
  • Ripon College - Dominique Poncelet, Assistant Professor of French and Chair, Department of Romance Languages
  • Ripon College - Gerald Seaman, Vice President & Dean of Faculty
  • St. Olaf College - Rika Ito, Associate Professor, Asian Studies
  • ACM - Elizabeth Ciner, Senior Program Officer
  • ACM - Cara Pickett, Project Manager

Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)

  • Indiana University - Ari Stern-Gottschalk, Director, Summer Language Institute
  • Michigan State University - David Prestel, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters, Co-Director of Center for Language Teaching Advancement
  • Northwestern University - Mary Finn, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Distinguished Senior Lecturer
  • Northwestern University - Noriko Taira Yasohama, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Assistant Director of Program of African and Asian Languages
  • Ohio State University - Galal Walker, Professor, Director, Director of National East Asian Languages Resource Center
  • Penn State - Caroline Eckhardt, Head, Comparative Literature Department & Director, School of Languages and Literatures
  • Purdue University - Atsushi Fukada, Associate Professor of Japanese
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Ercan Balci, Associate Chair of LCTL, Coordinator of Turkish
  • University of Iowa - Russ Ganim, Director, Division of World Languages
  • University of Michigan - Julie Evershed, Director, Language Resource Center
  • University of Minnesota - Dan Soneson, Director, College of Liberal Arts Language Center
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Evelyn Jacobson, Chair, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison – Elaine Klein, Assistant Dean for Academic Planning, College of Letters & Science; Director of University General Education
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison - Junko Mori, Interim Director, Language Institute; Professor, East Asian Languages and Literature
  • CIC - Amber Marks, Associate Director