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Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE)

Grinnell professor Shonda Kuiper

Grinnell College professor Shonda Kuiper collaborated with colleagues Laura Chihara (Carleton College) and Adam Loy (Lawrence University) to develop curricula for courses in statistics and data science.

Funding for Collaborative Faculty Innovation

What ideas do ACM faculty have to enhance teaching and learning at their colleges?

Are there new pedagogical approaches to try, or curricula to prepare students for emerging career paths, or ways to use instructional technology that engage students and bring resources into the classroom?

The Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE) awards grants that enable ACM faculty to engage in collaborative projects that explore ways to strengthen liberal arts education, and then to share the results widely with colleagues across the ACM and beyond.

Projects with Impact

With support from FaCE grants, faculty have created a wide range of projects to initiate change on ACM campuses, such as:

  • New curricula: To help address the demand for classes in statistics and data science, faculty from Grinnell College, Lawrence University, and Carleton College shared their expertise to create tutorials and case studies for those courses and make the materials freely available online.
  • Pedagogical advances: As field-based learning expands, Colorado College faculty and staff hosted a Symposium on Field Study to define and refine the pedagogy and practice of field study.
  • Introducing technology: Lawrence University created an interdisciplinary makerspace to provide access to advanced technology, such as 3-D printers, for faculty and students across disciplines.

Bring Your Ideas to FaCE

What would you do with a FaCE grant? Learn more about how the FaCE Program can support you as a faculty member at an ACM college!

Revised Plans for Spring 2020 Funding Cycle

IMPORTANT UPDATE - March 13, 2020

In response to COVID-19 and the focus that faculty on many ACM campuses currently have on transitioning to online pedagogies and other related concerns, the spring 2020 funding cycle has been postponed and will be renewed in early fall 2020. A due date for pre-proposals at that time has not yet been set. You can assume, however, that it will be in late September or early October.

Those who are currently working on a pre-proposal may continue to do so through the project portal at That link will remain live through the end of spring semester/term and through the summer months.

Apply for a FaCE Grant


The Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE) is a six-year initiative supported by a generous $2 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.