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Apply for a FaCE Grant

Lawrence University Makerspace

A student works on a project at the Lawrence University Makerspace, which has received support from a FaCE Grant.

Address Opportunities and Challenges

What challenge or opportunity faced by liberal arts colleges affects your work as a faculty member? How would you address that challenge or leverage that opportunity?

The FaCE Program wants to hear about your ideas!

FaCE grants support a variety of projects designed and led by faculty at ACM colleges, including joint research projects, teaching and learning collaborations, collaboratively-organized events, and other cooperative initiatives.

Grants are awarded competitively for collaborative projects that engage faculty across disciplinary and campus boundaries. Innovative approaches, sustainability, and plans for robust dissemination of the results are attributes of successful grant proposals.

Tap into the Power of Collaboration

Who do you want to work with on your project? Collaboration is at the heart of the FaCE Program, and applying for a FaCE grant is a chance to connect with colleagues in other disciplines and across the 14 ACM colleges.

The ACM has resources to help you find partners for collaborative projects:

  • Macademia: Web-based visualization showing connections between research topics and colleagues across the ACM.

Share Your Results

Dissemination strategies are vital to turning FaCE projects into engines of sustainable change and improvement on ACM campuses.

Consider ways that you can share the results of your project with a wider audience, such as conference presentations, publications, and/or a website. What audiences will you target, both within the consortium and more generally in the higher education community? What strategies will you use to reach them?

Present Your Ideas in a Pre-Proposal

The FaCE program is currently accepting Pre-Proposals for the Fall 2021 funding cycle. Pre-Proposal applications are due on Friday, October 29, 2021. ACM faculty who would like to submit a Pre-Proposal should follow the guidelines and instructions available in the Call for Pre-Proposals.

The FaCE Steering Committee will select a group of pre-proposals to advance to the full proposal stage for final funding consideration. Full proposals will be due on Friday, December 17, 2021.