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Submit a Pre-Proposal


Pre-proposal stage for Spring 2020 projects is now open.

Pre-proposals are due Friday, March 20, 2020.  Invited full proposals will be due May 15.

Prior to preparing a Pre-Proposal, each participating faculty member should talk with his/her Academic Dean and/or Faculty Development Liaison on his/her ACM campus to ensure the proposed project is consistent with institutional priorities.

If selected to move to the Full Proposal phase, a letter confirming the backing and support of the Academic Dean or Provost will be a required component of the final submission package.

Please feel free to contact ACM Liaison for Innovation and Collaboration in Teaching and Learning, Ed Finn (312.561.5923 or, for advice on developing your ideas in conjunction with the funding parameters.

Prompts for Pre-Proposals

Following are the prompts for completing a FaCE grant pre-proposal on the ACM Faculty Projects Portal.

  • Title for the proposed project
  • Project team:  List the name, college, discipline, and e-mail of each of participating faculty member. Each team must be composed of faculty from across disciplines within a single college, or from across two or more of the fourteen colleges within the ACM.
  • Abstract/synopsis: Briefly describe the overall project idea, showing the connections among the problem it seeks to address, the goals it aims to achieve, and the major activities in which project participants would engage to achieve those goals. (up to 300 words)

  • FaCE Goal of Addressing a Challenge or Opportunity Facing Liberal Arts Colleges and their Faculty: Briefly describe the goal(s) of the project and the challenge/opportunity the project is intended to address. (up to 250 words)

  • Activities, Outcomes, and Results: Briefly describe the primary activities the project team would undertake, as well as the anticipated outcomes and results. (up to 250 words)

  • Dissemination: Briefly describe how the project team intends to share the project’s learnings and outcomes on ACM campuses and, if applicable, with the broader higher education community. (up to 200 words)

  • Estimated Funding Amount: Provide an estimate of the total funding necessary to complete the proposed project. (This is intended only as an estimate at the Pre-Proposal stage; those invited to submit Full Proposals will submit a detailed budget with expense categories, etc.)

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