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FaCE Conference 2014 Participants

Faculty and staff were designated by their Academic Deans to participate in the FaCE conference on Technology-Enabled Education in Chicago on October 17-19, 2014.

Links are to college website profiles, if available.

Beloit College

  • Ellen Joyce, Associate Professor and Chair of History
  • Jedidiah Rex, Manager of Instructional Technology
  • Gina T'ai, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theater, Dance, Media Studies

Carleton College

Coe College

  • Allison Carr, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
  • Gavin Cross, Associate Professor of Mathematical Science
  • Lisa Stroschine, Academic Technologist

Colorado College

Cornell College

Grinnell College

Knox College

Lake Forest College

Lawrence University

Luther College

Macalester College

Monmouth College

  • Christopher Buban, Instructional Technology Coordinator
  • Timothy Stiles, Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Mark Willhardt, Professor and Chair of Faculty and Institutional Development Committee

Ripon College

  • Tara LaChapell, Executive Director of Information Technology Services
  • Brian Smith, Professor of Religion
  • Andrea Young, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

St. Olaf College


  • Ed Finn, Liaison for Technology in Teaching and Learning
  • Rashida Walker, Project Manager, Faculty Development & Grant Programs
  • Christopher Welna, President
  • Brian Williams, Vice President & Director, Faculty Development & Grant Programs  

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