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2015 FaCE Conference Participants

ACM FaCE Conference: Cognitive Science: What Is It and What Can It Offer Liberal Education?
September 25-27, 2015 in Chicago, IL

Links below are to faculty profile/departmental webpages.

Beloit College

Carleton College

Coe College

Colorado College

Cornell College

Grinnell College

Knox College

Lake Forest College

  • Susan Long, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Ann Roberts, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Learning and Teaching Center
  • Bara Sarraj, Lecturer in Biology

Lawrence University

Luther College

Macalester College

  • Darcy Burgund, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Susan Fox, Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science
  • Shilad Sen, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science

Monmouth College

Ripon College

St. Olaf College

Northwestern University

University of Minnesota