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2017 FaCE Conference participants

Collaborative Faculty Development to Integrate Off-Campus Study and On-Campus Learning

Conference participants were designated by the academic deans at their colleges.

Beloit College

Carleton College

Coe College

Colorado College

Cornell College

Grinnell College

  • Timothy Arner, Associate Professor of English
  • Shuchi Kapila, Assistant Vice President for Global Education & Senior International Officer, Professor of English
  • Jonathan Larson, Associate Director of Off-Campus Study, Instructor of Anthropology
  • Mirzam Perez, Associate Professor of Spanish, Early Modern Spanish Literature

Lake Forest College

Lawrence University

Luther College

Macalester College

Monmouth College

Ripon College

St. Olaf College


  • Olivia Cunningham, Program Coordinator for Faculty Development and Grant Programs
  • Ed Finn, Liaison for Technology in Teaching and Learning
  • Joan Gillepsie, Vice President and Director of Off-Campus Study Programs
  • Lilly Lavner, Liaison for the Fellows Program to Diversify the Professoriate
  • Marlee Stein, Off-Campus Study Program Coordinator
  • Brian Williams, Vice President and Director of Faculty Development and Grant Programs