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FaCE Program, 2004-2013

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded ACM the initial funding for FaCE in 2004, followed by renewals in 2007 and 2013. Throughout the program, FaCE has funded faculty-initiated projects – most of them collaborative – focused on teaching, learning, and scholarly research. In the first two phases, the program supported more than 150 faculty projects with over 1,700 participants. About one-third of the projects were workshops and conferences bringing together faculty and administrators from across the ACM.

Links to earlier phases of the FaCE Program:

  • FaCE 2004-2008 (Phase 1) supported ACM faculty in pursuing scholarly research, forging connections with peers on other campuses, and sharing ideas and knowledge at consortial workshops and conferences.
  • FaCE 2008-2013 (Phase 2) sponsored collaborative events and collaborative research projects that brought together faculty from across disciplines and across campuses.