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FaCE - 2004-2008

In 2004, ACM received a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Program. The program was aimed at addressing the changing needs of ACM faculty during the course of their academic careers.

FaCE provided resources to enable faculty to:

  • Explore professional possibilities;
  • Create lively points of connection among the ACM campuses; and
  • Strengthen faculty leadership on the consortial campuses.

Activities funded by the initial FaCE grant began in fall 2004 and concluded with final workshops in spring 2008. Faculty applied for funding in the following three areas of activity.

Enhancing Scholarly Agendas

Grants were awarded to individual faculty to pursue new avenues of scholarly research or to supplement college sabbatical grants. Funds could be used to support visits to specialists, research trips to domestic or international sites, extended stays at laboratories or library collections, data collection, and classes and/or specialized training in a new skill or area of interest.

Full-time, tenure track faculty at ACM colleges were eligible to apply for these grant funds. A total of 65 grants were awarded in four funding cycles. See the list of projects funded.

Visiting Scholars Initiative

To foster networks and connections among faculty members at ACM colleges, this initiative supported visits by ACM professors to meet with faculty colleagues on other ACM campuses for scholarly presentations, to share research and pedagogical interests, and for mentoring opportunities.

 Grant funds provided travel (transportation, food, and lodging) expenses for these visits. A total of 16 grants were awarded. See the list of projects funded.

Workshops and Conferences

The first phase of the FaCE Program provided funds for 13 workshops and conferences. At Common Interest Workshops, faculty from across the ACM shared new ideas, issues, approaches, and techniques for teaching and research. Several of the workshops focused on promoting faculty governance and leadership development and sharing best practices. In 2007, FaCE sponsored a major consortial Conference on Racial and Ethnic Diversity at Colorado College.

See the list of workshops and conferences sponsored by the FaCE Program in 2004-2008.