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FaCE - 2008-2013

Creating and Disseminating Sustained Advances in Liberal Arts Collaboration

In 2007, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a $600,000 grant to ACM for a second phase of the Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Program to build on the accomplishments of the first phase of the program in 2004-2008.

Fostering and enhancing collaboration

The primary goal of the second phase was to foster and enhance the rich collaboration within the ACM, and by doing so, foster collaboration more broadly within higher education by disseminating models and practices discerned through careful evaluation.

Visit the FaCE Program website at SERC for information and materials from FaCE collaborations

The key themes were Collaboration, Sustainability,  and Outcomes and Impact. This project sought to build on the comparative advantage liberal arts colleges have in developing successful models of pedagogical and scholarly collaboration that can transfer to other institutions, both large and small.

In twice-yearly funding cycles from spring 2008 through 2012, FaCE awarded more than 50 grants for ACM collaborative work. Most of the activities were either Collaborative Events, such as workshops or conferences, or Collaborative Reseach projects which brought together faculty, or faculty and students, across disciplines and across campuses.

Dissemination of the results of FaCE collaborations

All of the FaCE-funded projects were required to share the work of the collaboration with a wider audience, through web pages, other publications, and presentations at national conferences.

ACM partnered with the website hosted by SERC at Carleton College to bring greater visibility to FaCE-funded research collaborations and events. The ACM-FaCE website on SERC is part of a larger, searchable database and serves as the permanent repository for the wide range of materials generated by FaCE-funded activities.

Another method of dissemination has been for the leaders of FaCE-funded activities to present the results of their collaborations to broader audiences within the higher education community at national forums, such as conferences within their academic disciplines. The FaCE Program supported such efforts by awarding Presentation Grants to fund attendance at conferences and workshops by recipients of FaCE grants.

Concluding FaCE conference in fall 2011

"FaCE Value: Advances Through Collaboration," the FaCE capstone conference on October 28-30, 2011 at Colorado College, brought together FaCE grant recipients, ACM Academic Deans, and other faculty from across the consortium to review, assess, and discuss the impact of the collaborative projects created over the span of the program's second phase.

For more information about the conference program and participants, read the feature article about the conference and visit the conference website.