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Projects Funded by FaCE

Symposium on Field Study

Colorado College hosted the Symposium on Field Study with support from a FaCE grant.

The projects listed below have received funding from the FaCE Program in the past three years. For more information about individual projects, use the links below or go to the Project Outcomes webpage, which has features for searching faculty projects funded by FaCE and other ACM programs.

Funding cycles: Fall 2019 ... Spring 2019 ... Fall 2018 ... Spring 2018 ... Fall 2017 ... Spring 2017 ... Fall 2016 ... Spring 2016 ... Fall 2015 ... Spring 2015 ... Fall 2014

See the Apply for a FaCE Grant webpage for details about submitting a FaCE pre-proposal.

Fall 2019 funding cycle

Building Capacity for Community-Campus Research Partnerships
  • Project LeadersCoe College: Mary St. Clair (Chemistry), Renee Penalver (Psychology), Kara Trebil-Smith (Campus Compact), Katie Rodgers (Sociology), Heide Bursch (Nursing), Barp Tupper (Director, External Partnerships), Lindsay Glynn (Aging Services, Community Partner), Martin St. Clair (Chemistry); Cornell College: Devan Baty (French), Emily Shields (Campus Compact), Samantha Hebel (Community Engagement Staff), Phoebe Trepp (Willis Dady, Community Partner), Tori Barnes-Brus (Sociology)
  • Grant amount: $13,845
Exploring collaborative, cross-disciplinary, outdoor experiential education and a sense of place using examples from ACM
  • Project Leaders:  Macalester College: Jerald Dosch (Biology and Environmental Studies), Scott S. Legge (Educational Studies), Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Educational Studies), Christie Manning (Environmental Studies), Mary Heskel (Biology), Christine O'Connell (Environmental Studies), Megan Vossler (Art and Art History); St. Olaf College: Meredith Holgerson (Biology and Environmental Studies), Kathleen Shea (Biology and Environmental Studies), Kiara Jorgenson (Religion and Environmental Studies, Director of Environmental Conversations program), Emily Mohl (Biology and Education)
  • Grant amount: $13,129
Mapping Diversity: Strategies for analyzing campuses as lived spaces
  • Project Leaders: Lake Forest College: Holly Swyers (Anthropology), Claudia Ramirez Islas (Intercultural Relations); Grinnell College: Lakesia Johnson (Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies and English), Deka Spears (Intercultural Affairs), Kaitlin Wilcox (Analytic Support and Institutional Research); Luther College: Charlotte Ann Kunkel (Sociology), Michelle Branton (Student Success)
  • Grant amount: $21,560
Supporting and Strengthening Environmental Studies Curricula at ACM Colleges
  • Project Leaders: Cornell College: Tammy Mildenstein (Biology), Gleen Freeman ( English); Sarah Frohardt-Lane (Ripon College, History), Jesse Ellis (Coe College, Biology), Jason Brozek (Lawrence University, Government)
  • Grant amount: $26,060
Understanding and Fostering Food Access and Community Resiliency through Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Project Leaders: Macalester College: Dan Trudeau (Geography), William Moseley (Geography)
  • Grant amount: $28,100

Spring 2019 funding cycle

Advancing Undergraduate Microbiology Education: Resolving Student Misconceptions about Microbiology
  • Project Leaders: Amy Graham Briggs (Beloit College, Biology); Lisa Bowers (St. Olaf College, Biology), James Godde (Monmouth College, Biology), Shannon Hinsa-Leasure (Grinnell College, Biology), Mark Kainz (Ripon College, Biology), Matthew Jones-Rhoades (Knox College, Biology), Michael Leonardo (Coe College, Biology)
  • Grant amount: $10,199
Environmental Education: An Interdisciplinary Symposium
  • Project Leaders:  Knox CollegeRoya Biggie (English), Hilary Lehmann  (Classics), Peter Schwartzman (Environmental Studies); Monmouth CollegeAdrienne Hagen (Classics), Megan Hinrichsen (Anthropology), Alana Newman  (Classics), Brad Rowe (Educational Studies)
  • Grant amount: $15,530
Exploring Solutions for High-Performance Computing at ACM Institutions
  • Project Leaders: Lawrence University: Israel Del Toro (Biology), Andrew Sage (Statistics); Layla Oesper (Carleton College, Computer Science); Jerod Weinman (Grinnell College, Computer Science)
  • Grant amount: $25,637
Making Assessment Work for Liberal Arts Colleges in the 21st Century
  • Project Leaders: Beloit College: Ellenor Anderbyrne (Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning), Elizabeth Brewer (International Education); Grinnell College: Jin Feng (Chinese & Japanese), Claire Frances (French), Mark Levandoski (Chemistry), Sarah Purcell (History), Vanessa Preast (Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment); St. Olaf College: Steve McKelvey, Kelsey Thompson (Assessment Office); Bill Altermatt (Carleton College, Institutional Research); Nancy Bostrom (Macalester College, Assessment Office), Tara McCoy (Monmouth College, Psychology)
  • Grant amount: $43,474

Fall 2018 funding cycle

Building ACM-wide Partnerships for Developing Virtual/Augmented-reality Tools for Pedagogy
  • Project leaders:  From Beloit College: Joseph Bookman (Media Studies), Joseph DeRosier (Modern Languages & Literatures), Obioma Ohia (Physics), and Nahir Otano-Gracia (English), plus: Austin Mason (History, Carleton College), Damian Kelty-Stephen (Psychology Grinnell College), Angela Vanden Elzen (Library, Lawrence University), Jayme Nelson (Nursing, Luther College), Bret Jackson (Computer Science, Macalester College), and Brad Sturgeon (Chemistry, Monmouth College) 
  • Grant amount$37,598
Digital Repository of Curated Molecular Models Prepared for 3D Printing
  • Project leaders: Cynthia Strong (Cornell College, Chemistry), Lake Forest College: Jason Cody (Chemistry), Connie Corso (Academic Technology) and Claude Mertzenich (Luther College, Chemistry)
  • Grant amount: $26,739
Integrating Agricultural Field Sites into the Curriculum and Student-Faculty Research at ACM Colleges
  • Project leaders: Mary Savina (Carleton College, Geology, Archaeology and Environmental Studies), Kathleen Shea (St. Olaf College, Biology and Environmental Studies)
  • Grant amount: $20,711
Language Lesson: A Digital Tool for Practicing Foreign Language
  • Project leaders: from Carleton College: Carly Born & Andrew Wilson (Information Technology Services) and Shaohua Guo and Lei Yang (Asian Languages & Literatures); from Macalester College: Wessam Elmeligi, (Classical Mediterranean and Middle East) and Rivi Handler-Spitz & Ritsuko Narita Larson (Asian Languages and Cultures) and from St. Olaf College: Rika Ito, Joanne Quimby, Ka Wong & Ying Zhou (Asian Studies)
  • Grant amount: $17,510

Spring 2018 funding cycle

FaCE-ing the Challenges of Neuroscience Education at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions
  • Project leaders: Rachel Bergstrom (biology, Beloit College), Stephanie Fretham (biology, Luther College), Clark Lindgren (biology, Grinnell College), Judith Thorn (biology, Knox College), and Nancy Wall (biology, Lawrence University)
  • Grant amount: $18,402
Growing Older Together: Building an Effective Learning Community on Rapid Global Aging
  • Project leaders from St. Olaf College: Mary Carlsen (social work, family studies), Ashley Hodgson (economics), Mary-Beth Kuehn (nursing), Julie Legler (statistics), and Jessica Petok (psychology, neuroscience); from Carleton College: Julie Neiworth (psychology) and Annette Nierobisz (sociology)
  • Grant amount: $14,725
Fostering Humanistic Tools for Digital Mapping
  • Project leaders from St. Olaf College: Louis Epstein (music) and Hsiang-Lin Shih (Asian studies); from Carleton College: Austin Mason (history/digital humanities) and Victoria Morse (history/medieval and Renaissance studies)
  • Grant amount: $22,137
ACM Planning Meeting on Mississippi Studies
  • Project leaders from Knox College: Katherine Adelsberger (environmental studies), Nicholas Baxter (anthropology-sociology), and Monica Berlin (English); from Macalester College: Eric Carroll (art, photography & design), Marlon James (English), Alicia Johnson (math, statistics and computer science), and John Kim (media and cultural studies); from Luther College: Jodi Enos-Berlage (biology) and Jane Hawley (dance, visual and performing arts);  from Coe College: Martin St. Clair (chemistry and environmental studies)
  • Grant amount: $18,016
R Across the Curriculum
  • Project leaders from Beloit College: Kristin Bonnie (psychology), Phil Chen (political science), Alexis Grosofsky (psychology), Leslie Williams (anthropology), and Ken Yasukawa (biology)
  • Grant amount: $13,500

Fall 2017 funding cycle

Fostering Long-Term, Collaborative Research in Environmental Science at ACM Field Stations
  • Project leaders: from Carleton College – Nancy Braker (biology), Daniel Hernandez (biology), Mark McKone (biology); from Grinnell College – Jonathan Brown (biology), Vince Eckhart (biology), Andrew Graham (chemistry), Peter Jacobson (biology); from Knox College – Katie Adelsberger (earth science), Stuart Allison (biology), Jennifer Templeton (biology); from St. Olaf College – Steve Freedberg (biology), Emily Mohl (biology and education), Kathleen Shea (biology)
  • Grant amount: $35,254
Tools for Teaching a Diverse Pre-Modern Western History

Project leaders: Anna Trumbore Jones (history, Lake Forest College), Ellen Joyce (history, Beloit College), and Michelle Herder (history, Cornell College)

  • Grant amount: $8,690

Spring 2017 funding cycle

Making the Most of Immersion: Engaging Faculty to Maximize the Impact of Off-Campus Experiential Learning
  • Project leaders: Kenneth Abrams (psychology, Carleton College), Elizabeth Brewer (international education, Beloit College), Dana Gross (psychology, St. Olaf College), Mary Titus (English, St. Olaf College), Debby Walser-Kuntz (biology, Carleton College), and Carol Wickersham (sociology, Beloit College)
  • Grant amount: $17,500
Summit on the Sophomore Year Experience
  • Project leaders:  Molly Wilker (chemistry, Luther College), Jeff Wilkerson (physics and associate dean, Luther College), Teresa Leopold, (Associate Dean of Students, Beloit College), Catherine Orr (critical identity studies, Beloit College), Dani Arroyo-Rodriguez (Spanish, Colorado College), and Traci Freeman (Director of the Colket Learning Center, Colorado College)
  • Grant amount: $20,250
Sharing Expertise in Community-Based Learning & Research Addressing Immigration
  • Project leaders: Katherine Tegtmeyer Pak (political science, St. Olaf College), Adrienne Falcon (sociology, Carleton College), Emily A. Bowman (sociology, Coe College), Catherine Denial (history, Knox College), Xavier Escandell (sociology, Grinnell College), Robin Johnson (political science, Monmouth College), Eric Popkin (sociology, Colorado College), Jason Paul (research librarian, St. Olaf College), and Celeste Sharpe (academic technologist, Carleton College)
  • Grant amount: $25,504
Locally Francophone: Community-Based Applied and Pre-Professional French
  • Project leaders: from Cornell College – Devan Baty (French), Brooke Bergantzel, (instructional technology librarian), and Rebecca Wines (French); from Coe College – Bénédicte Corbett (French), Joyce Janca-Aji (French), Kayla Lyftogt (community engagement), and Lisa Stroschine (instructional technology librarian)
  • Grant amount: $3,500
Building Community and Curriculum in a 21st Century Liberal Arts Major: Curriculum Mapping in Sociology as a Means to Collaborate and Innovate
  • Project leaders: Susan Ferguson (Grinnell College), David Boden (Lake Forest College), Erin Davis (Cornell College), Charlotte Kunkel (Luther College), Erik Larson (Macalester College), Kate Linnenberg (Beloit College), and Wade Roberts (Colorado College)
  • Grant amount: $17,300

Fall 2016 funding cycle

Engaging the Community of ACM Mathematicians
  • Project leaders: Andrew Leahy (mathematics, Knox College), Jonathan White (mathematics, Coe College), Tyler Skorczewski (mathematics, Cornell College), Eric Egge (mathematics, Carleton College), Andrea Young (mathematical sciences, Ripon College), and Mary Vlastnik Armon (mathematics, Knox College)
  • Grant amount: $17,600
Museum Re-Imaginings: Teaching through the Development of a Virtual College Museum
  • Project leaders from Macalester College: Scott Legge (anthropology), Vanessa Rousseau (art & art history), and Linda Sturtz (history)
  • Grant amount: $14,390
Teaching and Mentoring Research of Undergraduate Economics in the ACM
  • Project leaders: Pedro de Araujo (economics, Colorado College), Richard G. Eichhorn (economics, Coe College), and Drew E. Westberg (economics, Coe College)
  • Grant amount: $8,184
Tuning the Classics: Promoting the Shared Skills and Values of the Discipline
  • Project leaders: John Gruber-Miller (classical studies, Cornell College), Clara Hardy (classics, Carleton College), Sanjaya Thakur (classics, Colorado College), Lisl Walsh (classics, Beloit College), and Angela Ziskowski (history, Coe College)
  • Grant amount: $22,150

Spring 2016 funding cycle

The Open Musicology Educational Resource
  • Project leader and collaborators: Daniel Barolsky (music, Beloit College), Ryan Banagale (music, Colorado College), Sara Gross Ceballos (music, Lawrence University), and Louis Epstein (music, St. Olaf College)
  • Grant amount: TBD
Making Decisions with Data: Planning for Collaborative Courses in Data Science
  • Project leader and collaborators: Shonda Kuiper (mathematics and statistics, Grinnell College), Laura Chihara (mathematics and statistics, Carleton College), and Adam Loy (statistics, Lawrence University)
  • Grant amount: $9,300
Translation for Global Literacies Across the Curriculum
  • Project leader: Joyce Janca-Aji (French, gender and sexuality studies, Coe College) and 11 collaborating partners from Coe College, Cornell College, Grinnell College, and the University of Iowa
  • Grant amount: $18,000
Faculty Development for Pedagogy Informed by Cognitive Science Research on Learning and Memory
  • Project leader and collaborators from Knox College: Sharon Clayton (library), Mark Shroyer (physics), Judy Thorn (neuroscience), and Nate Williams (educational studies)
  • Grant amount: $11,700

Fall 2015 funding cycle

Using Cognitive Science to Inform First Year Seminar Pedagogy
  • Project leaders from Coe College: Katie Rogers (sociology), Theresa Donofrio (communications studies), and Steve Singleton (chemistry)
  • Grant amount: $10,000
Faculty Working Groups to Implement Cognitive Science’s Insights in the Classroom
  • Project leaders from Lake Forest College: Ann M. Roberts (art history) and Susan M. Long (psychology)
  • Grant amount: $6,000
Using Cognitive Science to Build a Problem-Solving Core Curriculum at Ripon College
  • Project leaders from Ripon College: Kristine Kovack-Lesh (psychology), Travis Nygard (art), Joshua Filler (philosophy), Steve Martin (communication), and Mark Kainz (biology)
  • Grant amount: $15,012
Using Cognitive Science to Bridge the Gaps between Disciplines
  • Project leaders from St. Olaf College: Jeremy Loebach (psychology), Jessica Petok (psychology), Christopher Chapp (political science), David Castro (music), Louis Epstein (music), and Jason Marsh (philosophy)
  • Grant amount: $13,020

Spring 2015 funding cycle

A Model for Maker Pedagogy in the Liberal Arts: The Lawrence University Interdisciplinary Makerspace for Engaged Learning
  • Project leaders from Lawrence University: Angela Vanden Elzen (library), David Hall (chemistry), and Arno Damerow (instructional technology)
  • Grant amount: $23,337
ACM Student Film Conference & Festival
  • Project leaders: Amy Ongiri (film studies, Lawrence University), Theresa Geller (English, Grinnell College), and John Kaufman (theater, Beloit College)
  • Grant amount: $38,685
Video Pen-Pals: Building Comparative Understanding of Health Care Systems in the U.S. and Abroad
  • Project leaders: Ashley Hodgson (economics, St. Olaf College) and Eric Carter (geography, Macalester College)
  • Grant amount: $20,899

Fall 2014 cycle

Asia in the American Midwest: Enhancing Diversity, Visibility, and Connectivity through Digital Learning
  • Project leaders from St. Olaf College: Ka Wong (Asian studies), Benjamin Gottfield (office of information technology), and Ying Zhou (Asian studies)
  • Grant amount: $12,645
From Disruption to Student Engagement: Design and Assessment of Digital Humanities Course Assignments
  • Project leaders: Mark Willhardt (English, Monmouth College) and Michael Schneider (history, Knox College)
  • Grant amount: $12,200
Harnessing Big Data: Planning for Collaborative Courses in Data Science
  • Project leaders: Shonda Kuiper (statistics, Grinnell College), Bradley Miller (computer science, Luther College), Gavin Cross (mathematics, Coe College), Chester Ismay (mathematics and computer science, Ripon College), Daniel Kaplan (mathematics, statistics, and computer science, Macalester College), McKenzie Lamb (mathematics and computer science, Ripon College), and Andrea Young (mathematics and computer science, Ripon College)
  • Grant amount: $5,000
Religious Studies, Classroom Technology, and Digital Humanities
  • Project leaders: Benjamin Zeller (religion, Lake Forest College), Pamela Reaves (religion, Colorado College), and  Brian Smith (religion, Ripon College)
  • Grant amount: $7,458
Symposium on Field Study: Establishing and Sharing Best-Practices at the Intersection of Place, Pedagogy, Innovation, and Technology
  • Project leaders from Colorado College: Drew Cavin (Deans Office), Emily Chan (Deans Office), and Michael Healy (Advancement Office)
  • Grant amount: $32,500
Digital Storytelling and the Liberal Arts: A Curriculum Development Workshop
  • Project leaders from Macalester College: Daniel Trudeau (geography), Katie Pratt (Institute for Global Citizenship), and Brad Belbas (Information Technology Services)
  • Grant amount: $17,201