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2012-13: Costa Rica & London

Costa Rica

Due to faculty interest, plus the different focus of the fall and spring programs, two groups of faculty were selected to visit the ACM center in San José and meet faculty, staff, and students. Read about the Costa Rica site visits.

Field trip in Costa Rica

Visiting faculty joined students and ACM staff on a field trip during the Faculty Site Visit to Costa Rica in fall 2012.

Fall 2012

Five faculty visited on October 22-24, 2012 during the fall semester Costa Rica: Language, Society, & the Environment program.

  • Yvette Aparicio, Associate Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies, Grinnell College
  • Daniel Hanna, Assistant Professor of French and Spanish,  Lake Forest College
  • Cynthia Kauffeld, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Macalester College
  • Rita Tejada, Associate Professor of Spanish, Luther College
  • Amy Tibbits, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Beloit College

Spring 2013

Three faculty visited on April 15-18, 2013 during the spring semester Costa Rica: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, and Humanities program.

  • Jennifer Esperanza, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Beloit College
  • Jake Frederick, Assistant Professor of History and Co-Director of Latin American Studies, Lawrence University
  • Scott Legge, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Macalester College


Spring 2013

Globe Theatre in London

The Globe Theatre, where faculty on the London site visit attended a performance of The Tempest.

Photo courtesy of Hanna Feldman

Faculty from five ACM colleges traveled to London on April 29-May 2, 2013, to observe and engage with staff and students at one of the sites of the London & Florence: Arts in Context program. Read about the London faculty site visit.

  • Nancy Barry, Professor of English, Luther College;
  • Terry Boychuk, Associate Professor of Sociology, Macalester College;
  • Bridget Draxler, Assistant Professor of English, Monmouth College;
  • Kenneth Hill, Professor of Theatre, Ripon College; and
  • Karen Marsalek, Associate Professor of English, St. Olaf College.