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2014-15: Tanzania, Botswana, & Chicago


Fall 2014

The site visit to the Tanzania: Ecology & Human Origins program on October 20-24, 2014 included time in Dar es Salaam, where ACM's partner, the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), is located and a trip to the program's main field site at Tarangire National Park.

Participating faculty:


Spring 2015

Visiting the University of Botswana campus were (from left) Todd Knoop, Joan Gillespie (Vice President, ACM), Keith Brouhle, Lynn Westley, Ken Cramer, Kaboyanone Hiri-Khudu (Interim Director, Office of International & Education Partnerships, UB), and Bereket Haileab.

The visiting faculty from five ACM campuses met with program faculty, staff, and students, experienced classes and field trips, and engaged in roundtable discussions with economics and biology faculty at ACM's partner institution, the University of Botswana (UB).

Read about the spring 2015 faculty site visit to Botswana.

The site visit participants were:

  • Bereket Haileab (Geology, Carleton College),
  • Todd Knoop (Economics and Business, Cornell College),
  • Keith Brouhle (Economics, Grinnell College), 
  • Lynn Westley (Biology, Lake Forest College), and
  • Ken Kramer (Biology, Monmouth College).


Spring 2015

Five visiting faculty and staff traveled to several of the city's distinctive neighborhoods for a sampling of classes and activities on the Chicago Program.

The site visit participants were:

  • Carissa Schoffner (Business, Knox College),
  • Julie Rothbardt (Political Economy & Commerce, Monmouth College),
  • Bruce King (Chief Diversity Officer, St. Olaf College),
  • Kent McWilliams (Music-Piano, St. Olaf College), and
  • Meghan Bourke (Sociology, Illinois Wesleyan University).