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2015-16: Shanghai & Florence

Groups of faculty visited ACM program sites in Shanghai and Florence during the 2015-16 academic year. Read about the site visits, including blog posts and photos by the faculty participants!

Spring 2016: Florence

View of Florence

View of Florence from atop Giottos campanile.

A group of faculty traveled to Italy to visit the ACM Florence program site on April 12-16, 2016. The site visit included class sessions held on-site in the city and meetings with students, program staff and other instructors, and the spring 2016 Affiliated Scholar, Andrew Whitfield (Associate Professor of Music, Luther College).

Read daily blog posts from the Florence faculty site visit!

Participants in the site visit:

  • Gregory Gilbert, Professor of Art and Director of the Art History Program, Knox College
  • Tom Halverson, DeWitt Wallace Professor and Chair of the Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Department, Macalester College
  • Jo Ortel, Dr. Richard K. and Gloria I. Nystrom Fine Arts Professorial Chair in Art History, Beloit College
  • Rebecca Tucker, Associate Professor of Art, Colorado College; she will serve as the program's Affiliated Scholar in spring 2017
  • Susan Wolverton, Professor of Theatre Arts and department chair; Scene and Costume Designer, Coe College
  • Ben Zeller, Assistant Professor of Religion, Lake Forest College

Fall 2015: Shanghai

Faculty site visit in Shanghai

120 Hours in Shanghai — Check out daily posts and photos from ACM faculty and consortial staff on the Shanghai site visit!

Six faculty got a close-up view of the new ACM Shanghai: Perspectives on Contemporary China program on the faculty site visit on October 12-17. Three full days in China's cosmopolitan center of international finance were packed with meetings, tours, classroom visits, and field trips.

The visiting faculty talked with students on the program, fall 2015 Visiting Faculty Director Liang Ding (Associate Professor of Economics, Macalester College),  and faculty and staff at East China Normal University (ECNU), ACM's partner institution in Shanghai.

They also took walking tours of parts of the city, visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center and other sites, and give guest lectures in two elective courses for international students at ECNU and at lunch roundtables for ECNU faculty and students.

At right: It was standing room only as ACM faculty gave presentations on psychology, environmentalism, and the ASEAN alliance on the ECNU campus during the Shanghai site visit.

Read blog posts and see photos from the Shanghai site visit!

Shanghai faculty site visit participants:

Gathering for dinner the first night of the Shanghai site visit: (l-r) Hongmei Yu, Kim Lanegran, Shiwei Chen, James Godde, Gregory Patton, Susan Long, Liang Ding, and Christopher Welna.

  • Shiwei Chen, Professor of History and Asian Studies, Lake Forest College
  • James Godde, Professor of Biology and Coordinator of Off-Campus Study, Monmouth College
  • Kimberly Lanegran, Associate Professor of Political Science, Coe College
  • Susan Long, Associate Professor of Psychology, Lake Forest College
  • Gregory Patton, Associate Professor of Management, Luther College
  • Hongmei Yu, Associate Professor of Chinese, Luther College

ACM consortial staff Christopher Welna (President) and Emily Gaul (Assistant Program Manager) accompanied the faculty on the site visit.