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ACM-Mellon Fellowships - Cohort 2

The second cohort of the ACM-Mellon Post-doctoral Teacher-Scholar Fellowship Program began in fall 2010.  Two-year Fellowships were awarded to the six colleges listed below.

In some cases, Fellows have left the program after one year to accept a permanent teaching position and a replacement Fellow has been hired for the second year of the Fellowship.

For each Fellow, the listing includes his/her academic area for teaching and academic year(s) in the program.


Beloit College

  • Dennis Hanlon, Film Studies, 2010-12
    PhD, University of Iowa, Film Studies
    Mentor: Shawn Gillen, Professor of English

Coe College

  • Claire Kovacs, Art History, 2010-12
    PhD, University of Iowa, Art History
    Mentor: Peter Thompson, Marvin D. Cone Professor of Art

Cornell College

  • Anton Daughters, Cultural Anthropology, 2010-12
    PhD, University of Arizona, Cultural Anthropology
    Mentor: Alfrieta Monagan, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Luther College

  • Khyl Lyndgaard, English and Environmental Studies, 2010-11
    PhD, University of Nevada, Reno, English and Environmental Studies
    Mentor: David Faldet, Professor of English
  • Andrew Hageman, English and Environmental Studies, 2011-12
    PhD, University of California-Davis, English
    David Faldet, Professor of English

Ripon College

  • Vincent Tomasso, Classics, 2010-12
    PhD, Stanford University, Classics
    Mentor: Eddie Lowry, Professor of Greek and Latin

St. Olaf College

  • Amy Borden , Film Studies, 2010-12
    PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Film Studies
    Mentor: Mary Trull, Associate Professor of English