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Technology in Teaching & Learning

Lawrence Makerspace

The Lawrence University Makerspace for Engaged Learning, which received support from a FaCE grant.

How can digital technology and online resources enhance the distinctive liberal arts education that ACM colleges offer?

Throughout the ACM, collaboration across campuses, information sharing, and peer networking have flourished as faculty and staff have worked to address that question.

Using innovative pedagogies that incorporate technology, campuses have been connecting faculty, sharing resources, closing geographic gaps, and reaching more students. Consortial efforts have supported and facilitated these efforts.

FaCE Grants Support Faculty Innovation

Technology-enabled education has been a major thrust of the Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) program, which has provided grants for projects designed and led by faculty and staff at ACM colleges in areas such as digital humanities, online resources for teaching musicology, collaborative courses in data science, using video conferencing for students to interact with peers in other countries, developing a makerspace, and digital storytelling.

ACM Liaison Connects Faculty and Campuses

Ed Finn

Ed Finn

Ed Finn, ACM Liaison for Innovation and Collaboration in Teaching and Learning, works closely with faculty, instructional technologists, and other staff on ACM campuses to support FaCE grant recipients and to facilitate a wide range of other collaborative projects.

Topics and technologies he has helped facilitate include digital liberal arts, 3D printing, augmented reality and 3D virtual simulations, active learning classrooms, and policies regarding the use of drones on campuses. Find out more about these and other innovative projects at ACM colleges at the ACM Technology in Teaching and Learning collaboration space.

Do you know of interesting and collaborative projects happening on your campus? Are you interested in connecting with other faculty and exploring the use of technology in the classroom?

If so, reach out to Ed Finn, ACM Liaison for Innovation and Collaboration in Teaching and Learning. You can also connect with him through Twitter (@acmtechliaison), on LinkedIn, and at the ACM Teaching and Learning Technologies Blog.

Online Learning Project

The ACM Online Learning Project is a consortial effort to explore ways in which online learning can enhance the educational mission of ACM colleges.

A major effort of the project was to develop Calculus: A Modeling Approach,  an online course designed primarily for students in the natural sciences and social sciences — such as economics, environmental science, psychology, medicine, ecology, and chemistry — who want to apply quantitative modeling tools in their discipline. Developed and first taught by math professors Chad Topaz (Macalester College) and Kristina Garrett, the course was offered to ACM students during the summer in 2013 through 2016.


Are you looking for partners for collaborative projects?

Check out these resources:

  • Macademia: Web-based visualization showing connections between research topics and colleagues across the ACM.
  • One Search, 14 Colleges: Use the Google ACM custom search engine to aggregate results from the 14 ACM colleges.