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Faculty Participants

The campus delegations (listed below) to the ICF opening seminar on June 19-21, 2013 were nominated by the president and chief academic officer at each ACM college.

Beloit College

  • Jennifer Esperanza, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Donna Oliver, Professor of Russian
  • Catherine Orr, Professor and Chair of Women's & Gender Studies
  • Paul Stanley, Chair of Natural Science

Carleton College

  • Eric Egge, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Clara Shaw Hardy, Professor of Classics
  • Susannah Ottoway, Humanities Center Director

Coe College

  • Jay Chen, Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Gina Hausknecht, Professor of English
  • Kimberly Lanegran, Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science
  • Jon White, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Colorado College

  • Anne Hyde, Professor of History, Director Crown Faculty Center
  • Gail Murphy-Geiss, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Alistaire Tallent, Associate Professor of French
  • Sandi Wong, Dean of the College and Faculty

Cornell College

  • Erin Davis, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Charles Liberko, Professor of Chemistry
  • Leon Tabak, Professor of Computer Science
  • Shannon Reed, Associate Professor of English

Grinnell College

  • Jeffrey D. Blanchard, Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Karla Erickson, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Heather Lobban-Viravong, Associate Dean
  • Erik Simpson, Professor of English

Knox College

  • Andrew Leahy, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Tom Moses, Professor of Physics

Lake Forest College

  • Carla Arnell, Associate Professor of English
  • Anna Trumbore Jones, Associate Professor of History
  • Rob Lemke, Professor of Economics, Chair of Economics & Business
  • Doug Light, Professor of Biology

Lawrence University

  • David Bell, Professor of Clarinet
  • Peter Blitstein, Associate Professor of History
  • Beth DeStasio, Professor of Biology
  • Eilene Hoft-March, Professor of French and Milwaukee-Downer College and College Endowment Association Professor of Liberal Studies
  • Robert Williams, Associate Professor of Education

Luther College

  • Nancy K. Barry, Professor of English
  • Deb Fordice, Acting Head of Education
  • Lise Kildegaard, Professor of English
  • Craig Rabe, Associate Professor of Accounting & Finance
  • David Thompson, Associate Professor of Spanish

Macalester College

  • Patrick Schmidt, Associate Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of Legal Studies
  • Beth Severy-Hoven, Associate Professor of Classics
  • Tonnis ter Veldhuis, Associate Professor and Chair, Physics & Astronomy
  • Sarah West, Professor of Economics

Monmouth College

  • Marsha Dopheide, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Stacy Lotz, Professor, Art Dept. Chair
  • Ian Moschenross, Associate Professor of Music
  • Mark Willhardt, Professor of English

Ripon College

  • Colleen Byron, Professor of Chemistry
  • Peng "Roc" Huang, Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Management
  • Becky Matzke, Associate Professor of History
  • Tim Reed, Associate Professor of Spanish

St. Olaf College

  • Mary Griep, Associate Dean of Fine Arts
  • Dana Gross, Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary and General Studies and Professor of Psychology
  • Dan Hofrenning, Associate Dean of the Social Sciences
  • Gary Muir, Director of the Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts (CILA) and Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience