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ICF Seminars

2016 Institute on College Futures seminar

Discussion at the 2016 Institute on College Futures seminar.

Annual seminars for ACM faculty sponsored by the Institute on College Futures (ICF) are designed to:

  • Build a deeper knowledge of the economic and other strategic challenges facing liberal arts colleges;
  • Become more aware of sound strategies for managing college finances; and
  • Develop a better understanding of how to use this knowledge to foster timely and wise decisions through the roles they play in the shared governance on their own campuses.

Professional Development for Faculty

A total of 250 faculty and administrators from across the ACM participated in the five ICF college finance seminars held each summer from 2013 through 2017. Faculty were nominated by their academic deans to participate in the seminars.

Go to the webpages of previous ICF seminars for program schedules, speakers, lists of participants, readings and assignments, and seminar bibliographies.