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Introducing Change: Introductory Courses and the Nature of Faculty Work

Faculty groups and general topics:

  • Beloit College - From knowledge and theory to Praxis

Kathleen Greene, Associate Professor of Education and Chemistry
Jingjing Lou, Assistant Professor of Education
William New, Professor and Chair, Education and Youth Studies

  • Coe College - Critical thinking in introductory courses

Bethany Keenan, Assistant Professor of History
Bruce F. Nesmith, Professor of Political Science
Steve Shanley, Associate Professor of Music

  • Cornell CollegeProject-based learning in introductory courses

Devan Baty, Associate Professor of French
Kerry Bostwick, Professor of Education
Jill Heinrich, Associate Professor of Education

  • Cornell CollegeHigher- order thinking in the First Year Seminar

Marty Condon, Professor of Biology
Michelle Mouton, Associate Professor of English
David Yamanishi, Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Lawrence University - Revising Spanish 201

Gustavo Fares, Professor of Spanish
Cecilia Herrera, Spanish Instructor
Rosa Tapia, Associate Professor of Spanish

  • Luther College - Introduction to Biblical Studies at Luther

Sean Burke, Assistant Professor of Religion
Kristin Swanson, Associate Professor of Religion

  • Macalester College - Supplemental Writers' Workshops

Adrienne Christiansen, Director, Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
Erik Larson, Associate Professor of Sociology
Karl Wirth, Associate Professor of Geology

  • Monmouth College - Introduction to the Liberal Arts

Marlo Belschner, Associate Professor of English
Bridget Draxler, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Communication Across the Curriculum
Craig Vivian, Associate Professor of Educational Studies

  • Ripon CollegeFirst-Year Seminar at Ripon

Colleen Byron, Professor of Chemistry
Soren Hauge, Professor of Economics
Barbara McGowan, Professor of History