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Off-Campus Opportunities

Tanzania program field trip

During a Tanzania Program excursion to Zanzibar, the group visited a spice farm. Visiting Faculty Director Memuna Khan (Ripon College) is at right, standing.

The consortial off-campus study programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the US provide a variety of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff at ACM colleges.

Visiting Faculty Positions
Shanghai program

The visiting faculty positions at ACM semester-long programs are unique academic opportunities to teach and mentor students. Consortial staff in Chicago guide you in planning site-based learning in the liberal arts and provide extensive administrative support. 

Former visiting faculty report that these experiences enriched the content of their courses when they were on site as well as when they returned to their home institution. In many cases, visiting faculty have been able to pursue new or ongoing research and have made contacts for future research lines.

Newberry Library

Travel Grants

Travel grants are available for faculty to visit the Newberry Library in Chicago or the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee if they are interested in applying for visiting faculty positions at those two program sites.

Faculty Advisory Committees (FAC)

Faculty Advisory Committees (FAC) play a key role in advising consortial and program staff on the curriculum and focus of each off-campus program. FACs meet annually and committee members are appointed by their academic deans.