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Project Outcomes

Environment and Resiliency in Italy — Coe College faculty Andrea Kann, Martin St. Clair, and Angela Ziskowski developed an interdisciplinary module shared by three courses when they participated in the 2013 SAIL seminar in Italy.

Faculty and staff at ACM colleges have designed and led a remarkable range of collaborative projects with the support of ACM grant-funded programs.

Through workshops and conferences, research groups, and seminars, their collective efforts have created a wealth of curricular materials, assessment tools, and best practices. The results of these projects are a valuable resource for the ACM colleges — and the higher education community in general — as well as a springboard for further collaboration among faculty.

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For information and results of more than 40 faculty projects funded by the FaCE Program in 2008-13, visit the ACM FaCE site on SERC.

  • FaCE 2017-2018

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  1. Fostering Long-Term, Collaborative Research in Environmental Science at ACM Field Stations

    • Institution(s): Carleton College, Grinnell College, Knox College, St. Olaf College
    • Award: $35,254
    • ACM Program: FaCE
    • Topic(s): Pedagogy, Natural sciences
  2. Tools for Teaching a Diverse Pre-Modern Western History

    • Institution(s): Beloit College, Cornell College, Lake Forest College
    • Award: $8,690
    • ACM Program: FaCE
    • Topic(s): Curricular materials, Pedagogy, Interdisciplinary approaches, Humanities