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Quarterly Professional Development Workshops

The ACM coordinates quarterly virtual professional development offerings on timely topics suggested by campus leadership.


By All Accounts: Pandemic-Inspired Innovations from ACM Colleagues

Save the Date: September 30, 2021

It's been a year that's felt like a decade. Together we have experienced so much – in our classrooms, across our campuses, in our broader communities, and, yes, on Zoom.

In celebration of months of hard work and the end of a very trying year, the ACM is creating By All Accounts: Pandemic-Inspired Innovations from ACM Colleagues, scheduled for September 30, 2021. By All Accounts will be a mash-up of storytelling like Moth Radio Hour and TEDx-like learnings, all via Zoom. During the ninety-minute session, ACM faculty and staff will share brief, first-person accounts that showcase the many creative ways you successfully dealt with the pandemic-related curveballs thrown your way this past year.

We want to hear your stories and invite you to submit them for consideration. The ACM will then select the most creative and compelling among them for inclusion in By All Accounts. Our hope is that the stories you share will create an informative, inspiring, and perhaps even cathartic experience for all who participate.

For more information about the opportunity, the qualities ACM staff will be looking for in the stories shared, and how to submit your story, click HERE.


Mental Health and Well-Being


The State of Mental Health: The Evolving Landscape and Strategies/Resources for Navigating the Path Forward

Mental health problems among college students were at alarming levels and on the rise prior to the eruption of COVID-19. The pandemic has added stressors and exacerbated mental health problems. Sara Abelson will review the current state of college student mental health nationally, trends over time, and opportunities for action, drawing on the largest study of college student mental health in the U.S., the Healthy Minds Study. Janet Lewis Muth will then lead a discussion of how that data translates to the residential liberal arts setting and how institutions like ours can respond.


  • Janet Lewis Muth, MPH, Director of Health Promotion, Carleton College
  • Sara Abelson, MPH, Co-Investigator & Lead for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Projects with the Healthy Minds Network and Ph.D. candidate in public health at the University of Michigan

Thursday, April 1, 4 - 5:30 pm (CT)



Supporting the Mental Health of Students: My Role

Being responsive to student mental health requires moving beyond “refer them to counseling.” In a small, liberal arts context, each of us has a role in creating an environment in which students can be mentally well, developing a safety net for when students are struggling, and helping students to feel valued. In this workshop, Lisa Broek and Liz Schneider-Bateman will present a socio-ecological model for mental health on a small liberal arts campus. We will examine how this model aligns with equity and highlight the interdisciplinary collaboration that the model calls for. We’ll provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their own role and walk away with actionable next steps to support the mental health of their students.


  • Lisa Broek, MA, CHES, Director of Health Promotion, Macalester College
  • Liz Schneider-Bateman, MSW, LICSW, Director of Counseling, Macalester College

Wednesday, April 7, 4 - 5:30 pm (CT)