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2013 Leadership Team

Susan Ashley

Susan Ashley is Professor of History with interests in Italian and French intellectual and political history. She just completed a seven-year stint as Dean of the College/Dean of the Faculty at Colorado College. She has taught on-site courses on Renaissance society and culture, the city, and on nature and society for the Florence and London-Florence programs and for CC students. Making Liberalism Work (2003) examines how liberal politicians squared principle and practice in the early decades of United Italy. Her current research and publications explore conceptions of marginality in late 19th and early 20th century Italy and France.

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Christine Siddoway

Christine Siddoway is Professor of Geology at Colorado College, who teaches courses focused on the geological context for human civilizations. Her specializations in plate tectonics and the geological evolution of Antarctica acquaint her with global dynamic cycles that bear on the favorable conditions for development of organized societies. She has enduring ties with Tuscan geology and university colleagues, established during a Fulbright Post-doctoral Fellowship in 1996.

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Sanjay Thakur

Sanjay Thakur is Assistant Professor of Classics at Colorado College. His research interests and publications focus on Roman literature and culture, particularly during the reigns of emperors Augustus and Tiberius. He also holds a degree in classical art and archaeology, and regularly teaches a course in Italy titled Rome, Naples, Sicily: Crossroads of the Ancient Mediterranean.

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