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2013 Seminar - Curricular Projects

The Mediterranean Trivium seminar itinerary included a visit to Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius, and Herculaneum.

In the year following the on-site portion of the Mediterranean Trivium seminar, participants drew from the seminar content and structure to develop innovative, multidisciplinary courses, sequences, modules, exercises, or lesson plans.

In some cases, all three members of a campus team worked collaboratively on curricular materials, while other projects were undertaken by one or two faculty.

Many of the links below are to curricular materials presented using the SAIL project submission form, which includes such information as a project description, learning goals, teaching materials, assessment, and resources.

Carleton College

  • American Transcendentalists - Peter Balaam (English)
    A 200-level, interdisciplinary course investigating the works of the American Transcendentalist movement.
  • The Pompeii Project: A Case Study in Space and Gender/Sexuality - Clara Hardy (classical languages)
    A one-week module within a 10-week, 200-level course titled Gender and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity.
  • Rivers in Space and Time - Mary Savina (geology)
    A module, used in a course on Geomorphology (Geology 210), examining maps as human constructs that portray features in relationship to each other for specific purposes.

Coe College

  • Environment and Resiliency in Italy - Andrea Kann (art), Martin St. Clair (chemistry), and Angela Ziskowski (history)
    This module brought together three different courses to model the interactions between individual disciplinary approaches to larger cultural and environmental questions about resiliency in Italy.

Colorado College

Luther College

St. Olaf College

  • Catastrophe and Apocalypse in Herculaneum - Douglas Casson (political science), Nancy Thompson (art history), and Mary Trull (English) A nine-session module at the 200-level which emphasizes the links between natural environment, material conditions, and political thought.