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2015 Leadership Team

Three faculty from Knox College comprised the Leadership Team for the 2015 SAIL seminar on the topic Sustainability on the Margins.

On-site portion based in Amman, Jordan, on July 20-30, 2015.

Katherine A. Adelsberger

Katherine Adelsberger

Katherine Adelsberger

The Douglas and Maria Bayer Endowed Chair in Earth Science, Knox College

Katherine Adelsberger has led off-campus courses in archaeology and geology for ten years, including field schools, study abroad experiences and environmental tours. Her field-based research has focused most recently on North Africa and the Middle East, and she has completed a research fellowship in Amman through the American Schools of Oriental Research in addition to spending several summers on site in Jordan.

She is interested in the geologic side of human-environment interactions. As a geoarchaeologist, she looks at site formation and the taphonomic processes acting on archaeological sites, and also wants to identify the larger-scale paleoenvironmental conditions present during human history and determine how (and whether) societies reacted or adapted to environmental change. Her recent work has focused specifically on understanding desert pavement development, identifying spring deposits and tracking the paleochannels of ancient river systems.

Teaching interests: Geoarchaeology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, and geographic information systems.

Katherine Adelsberger's faculty profile

Daniel Beers

Daniel Beers

Daniel Beers

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Knox College

Daniel Beers' research and teaching focus on understanding how the processes of democratization and development in politically transitioning states work, and how international actors and non-governmental organizations may influence them.

He has extensive international fieldwork experience in developing countries including Haiti, Ukraine, and Romania (where he spent 12 months as a Fulbright-Hays scholar). He has led students in site-specific international travel to Berlin and Istanbul, and participated in the recent ACM site visit to Botswana, where he hopes to serve as a future site director.

More recently, he has become increasingly interested in the role of international organizations in other parts of the developing world, and is currently working on a new project investigating models of foreign aid delivery and implementation in post-earthquake Haiti.

Teaching interests: Comparative politics, democratization, international development, Russian and East European politics, European integration, foreign aid, NGOs, democracy promotion.

Daniel Beers' faculty profile

Danielle Steen Fatkin

Danielle Steen Fatkin

Danielle Steen Fatkin

Assistant Professor of History, Knox College

Danielle Fatkin has led several off-campus courses in archaeology and history, including field schools in Jordan. She first worked in the region in 1996 and has worked in Jordan since 2004.

In addition to scholarship on the Roman and Byzantine Near East, she has published articles dealing with the issue of cultural heritage management in Jordan and Israel.

Teaching interests: Roman archaeology and history, theory of archaeological and historical methods, Roman religions (especially Second Temple Judaism), cultural heritage management, comparative study of empires.

Danielle Fatkin's faculty profile