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SAIL 2017: Call for Pre-Proposals

Summer study away for ACM faculty — Where would you go? What would you study?

Imagine a summer study-away experience for faculty — with all costs covered and a stipend as well! Could this invigorate your teaching, especially for advanced students who have returned from study away themselves?

SAIL 2017: Call for Pre-Proposals

Apply by May 13, 2016

What if you could also design the theme and choose the location, and help select participants from other academic fields who would contribute their perspectives? What would you want to study, from what perspectives, and where?

The ACM is looking for good ideas for this unique experience and hopes that you will share yours. Please consider submitting a short, two-page pre-proposal in which you describe how you would lead the 2017 ACM-Mellon Seminar in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning (SAIL).

Ideas to get the creative juices flowing

Perhaps your passion is urban studies and social justice. You might propose a 10-day, immersive seminar in the American Rust Belt examining the recent histories of cities such as Detroit. Or Cleveland. Or Flint.

Maybe your interests lie in the interplay between land and aquatic environments, in which case you might propose a ten-day, interdisciplinary exploration of desalination in California, or fishing off the coast of Rhode Island.

Or maybe you’d like to explore Fantasy in America from the perspectives of sociology/psychology, art, and neuroscience — at Disney World or Disneyland?

These are just ideas intended to provide a sense of the range of topics and locations that are possible. The only limiting factor is that the location for SAIL 2017 must be within the continental United States.

SAIL 2017 Call for Pre-Proposals

Previous SAIL topics and locations

Previous SAIL seminars have explored a diverse array of topics.

2012: Considering Animals in Washington, DC — How do humans and animals interconnect? How does studying animals help us better understand human nature?

2013: Mediterranean Trivium: Earth, Sea, and Culture in Italy — How has the geological framework and distinctive ecology of the Mediterranean region shaped Classical, Renaissance, and modern cultures.

2014: Contested Spaces in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado — Engaging with environmental and land stewardship issues in the context of geographical and ideological "contested spaces."

2015: Sustainability on the Margins: Investigating Adaption and Change in Jordan — How have issues of sustainability, broadly conceived, shaped the peoples and places of Jordan?

2016: Silicon Valley as an Innovation Ecosystem in California (on site July 11-20, 2016) — Exploring the connections between innovation and the liberal arts.

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