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Application Instructions

Instructions for submitting SAIL pre-proposals

  1. Prior to submitting a pre-proposal, talk with one of the following people to discuss your idea and receive helpful advice for developing a competitive pre-proposal:
    Faculty development liaison on your campus;
    Brian Williams, ACM Vice President and Director of Faculty Development and Grant Programs (312.561.5922); or
    Carolyn Fell, ACM Program Associate  (312.561.5934)
  2. Determine the members of your three-person leadership team, which should include one person each from the natural sciences and math, social sciences, and arts and humanities. If necessary, your faculty development liaison can help you identify potential team members.
  3. Complete the SAIL pre-proposal form by responding to the prompts provided there (and below) before 11:59 p.m. (Central time) on May 13, 2016.
  4. Evaluation criteria: Pre-proposals will be evaluated on the strength and potential of the topic and site. Topics should generate broad interest across departments and new thinking about integrative curricular elements. Sites that take advantage of existing consortial or campus programs are especially welcome. A budget or detailed account of logistics should not be included, since those details will not be a factor for pre-proposal selection. Pre-proposals must, however, include a broad demonstration of the feasibility of the proposed on-site seminar.
  5. The selection committee will review pre-proposals and invite the submission of three to five full proposals by July 15, 2016. Those invited to submit a full proposal will be asked to elaborate on their ideas according to the detailed parameters outlined on the SAIL program webpage.

Prompts for pre-proposals

Go to the ACM Faculty Projects Portal to respond to the following questions.

  1. Topic (100 words)
  2. Site (must be in the continental U.S.) (50 words)
  3. Leadership Team — List the name, college, discipline, and e-mail address of each of the three members of the leadership team, which should include a representative of math/natural sciences, arts/humanities, and social sciences.
  4. I have consulted with all of the proposed leadership team members about their interest in and availability to design and lead a seminar in the summer of 2017.  Y / N
  5. How is the topic/question timely and compelling? How is it especially conducive to multi-disciplinary inquiry? How would it stimulate the development of advanced-level coursework? (250 words)
  6. How does the site promote a unique understanding of the topic? What local expertise/resources exist there to enrich the seminar and facilitate its organization and execution? How does the site take advantage of existing consortial assets and relationships? (250 words)


For more information, contact:

  • Brian Williams, ACM Vice President and Director of Faculty Development and Grant Programs (312.561.5922);
  • Carolyn Fell, ACM Program Associate (312.561.5934); or
  • Office of your academic dean.

Go to: SAIL 2017 Call for Pre-Proposals ... Overview and requirements