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Seminar Participants

Seminar group

The Wilderness in the Anthropocene seminar group during a visit to Sigurd Olson's cabin at Listening Point.

Fifteen faculty are participating in the Wilderness in the Anthropocene seminar sponsored by the ACM SAIL Program.

The seminar leaders are Jesse Ellis (Coe College), Chris Fink (Beloit College), and Pablo Toral (Beloit College).

The on-site portion in northern Minnesota was held on July 7-16, 2017.

Beloit College

  • Chris Fink, Professor of English (seminar leader)
  • Pablo Toral, Professor of International Relations and Environmental Studies (seminar leader)

Carleton College

Coe College

  • Jesse Ellis, Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of the Wilderness Field Station (seminar leader)

Cornell College

Macalester College

Ripon College