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Curricular Projects

A key goal of the SAIL seminars was to help students in their last two years of undergraduate education make connections across disciplines and synthesize the work of their disciplinary majors. In the academic year following the on-site portion of the seminar, participants used the seminar content and structure to develop innovative new courses, sequences, or modules geared towards upper-level students on their home campuses.

Readings, guest speakers, facilitated discussions, and field trips during the onsite portion of the seminar not only expanded the multidisciplinary and topical expertise of faculty participants, but also set the stage for faculty to extend the breadth and intellectual coherence of liberal arts education for juniors and seniors at their own institutions. As a whole, the seminars built participants' instructional capacity and prepared them to augment their teaching with integrative new curricular resources related to the place-based learning of the on-site seminar.

Curricular projects were completed by all members of the seminar group, including the leadership team. Participants could design collaborative projects collectively, as a campus team, or individually, as they preferred. All completed projects are available on the ACM website.

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