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Seminar Topic & Site

Seminar Topic

The topic provided the theme for the ten-day on-site portion of the seminar. It involved a compelling central question with a corresponding set of questions spanning the major divisions of study — math and natural sciences, arts and humanities, and social sciences — to facilitate multidisciplinary inquiry. Topics had clear relevance for the undergraduate curricula of ACM colleges and fostered multidisciplinary teaching approaches to upper-level students in the member colleges.

Each topic was:

  • Closely linked to a specific site;
  • Connected to enduring themes in the liberal arts and sciences curriculum to spark wide interest among ACM faculty and students;
  • Fostered collaboration across math and natural sciences, humanities and arts, and social sciences;
  • Was capacious enough to sustain participation across disciplines; and
  • Created insights and resources to promote innovation in the upper-level curricula of ACM colleges across institutions, disciplines, and departments.

Seminar Site

The on-site portion of the seminar took place at a site offering a setting for faculty to explore the topic in a new context that is propitious for understanding the topic. Preference was given to sites with existing consortial or individual college assets that could be tapped to help secure space and logistical support.

The sites:

  • Promoted and informed a unique and multidisciplinary understanding of the seminar topic;
  • Offered specific geographic places or physical evidence, as well as other resources for exploration of the topic;
  • Together with the topic, provided a set of resources and issues to facilitate multidisciplinary study and that could also be imported into college curricula; and
  • Ideally, offered access to consortial or ACM college assets and resources, as well as other networks, facilities, and people that the seminar could draw upon.

Locations of the on-site portions of the seminars:

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