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Funding and Support

Travel & Lodging

The Mellon grant fully funded economy travel to and from the site, and all lodging, meals, and local travel during the on-site seminar for all participants. Travel to and from the site, and accommodations on site, were arranged in advance and coordinated by the leadership team and ACM staff.


All seminar participants, including the members of the leadership team, received an honorarium of $2,500. Receipt of the honorarium was contingent on (1) full participation in the work of the on-site portion of the seminar and (2) the completion of a curricular project in the ensuing academic year. For more details, see the participant expectations.

The leadership team received an additional honorarium totaling $6,500 for their roles in the overall two-year period of planning, designing, and leading the seminar, and guiding participants through the curricular follow-up after the seminar. The members of the leadership team determined how to allocate the funding among themselves in a manner that best supported the internal organization and distribution of work.