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Collaboration across the spectrum of teaching, research, and service

Join the hundreds of faculty, staff, and administrative leaders who collaborate through ACM to share resources, address common challenges, and develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Apply for Funding

    Grant-funded programs

    ACM programs support faculty, staff, and student collaboration and development.

  • Find Ideas and Resources

    Faculty & staff project outcomes

    See the results of projects supported by ACM grant-funded programs.

  • Go Off Campus

    Off-campus opportunities

    Teach, learn, and pursue research around the world with ACM.

  • Connect with Colleagues

    Conferences, workshops, & meetings

    Engage with peers from across the ACM campuses.

Grant-Funded Programs for Faculty & Staff

Find out how these programs, supported by ACM's foundation partners, can support your teaching, research, and service.

FaCE: Faculty Career Enhancement Program
Through FaCE grants, ACM faculty and staff design and lead  projects to enhance teaching and learning.

SAIL: Seminars in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning
Annual seminars enable faculty to explore broad themes and collaborate to develop interdisciplinary curricular resources.

Technology in Teaching and Learning
Faculty and staff explore ways in which online learning can contribute to the educational missions of ACM colleges.

EMKE: Enhancing the Midwest Knowledge Ecosystem
Fostering collaboration among faculty from the ACM colleges, the Big Ten Academic Alliance universities, and the University of Chicago.

ICF: Institute on College Futures
Building faculty understanding of higher education economics and strategies to strengthen ACM colleges' finances.

ICF Online
An online mini-course makes the Institute on College Futures content available to faculty and staff at any college.

Undergraduate and Faculty Fellows Program for a Diverse Professoriate
Expanding participation by underrepresented groups in the career pipeline from college student to liberal arts college professor through undergraduate and faculty fellowships and programming to foster campus diversity.

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Faculty & Staff Project Outcomes

Curricular materials, assessment tools, best practices, and collaborative events developed by faculty and staff in projects supported by ACM programs.

Sharing Faculty Strengths across the ACM to Teach Data Science

Faculty collaborated to create and share modules to help students learn how to use the computer language R.

Curricular Tools to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Classes

Check out the Macalester College Digital Storytelling resource site, created by faculty in a FaCE project.

Design Thinking Workshop Fits Courses across the Disciplines

St. Olaf faculty developed a module for a one-day workshop to spark students' creativity and problem solving.

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Off-Campus Opportunities

Pursue your research and teaching interests and make professional contacts through ACM study away programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US.

Visiting Faculty Positions

Teach and mentor students using place-based resources not available on the home campus.

Faculty Travel Grants

Funding to visit the Newberry Library in Chicago or the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

Learn more about off-campus opportunities

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Conferences, Workshops, & Meetings

Bringing together faculty, staff, and administrative leaders from across the ACM to engage in ongoing collaborations, sharing information and best practices, and grant-funded initiatives.

Faculty Advisory Committees (FAC)

FACs maintain strong connections between the ACM colleges and consortial study away programs.

Professional Development Conferences & Workshops

Find out about upcoming events for faculty and staff.

ACM Staff & Administrators Meetings

Colleagues from the 14 ACM campuses meet regularly to share information and discuss common challenges.

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