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GIS as a Platform for Interdisciplinary Education and Research

Putting place, space, and humanity into a shared frame of reference

Curricular materials created for the 2013 SAIL seminar:

Mediterranean Trivium: Earth, Sea, & Culture in Italy

Geospatial tools offer a means to organize and analyze disparate types of information from diverse fields within a geographic framework. Collaboration on the integrative effort, by a number of academics and students who bring differing expertise and perspectives, has great potential to produce breakthroughs in multidisciplinary education and research.

This project includes three activities: The first involves close observation and inquiry using the interactive digital elevation model for Italy; the second makes use of GoogleEarth; the third uses a free software application developed at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory.

Lead Partner
Christine Siddoway
Professor of Geology, Colorado College
ACM Program Funding
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