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The Botswana program combines three courses and an independent study—taught in several distinct styles and classroom settings—to deepen your understanding and engagement with the people and culture of Botswana.

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A Setswana course will instruct you in the national language and introduce you to the culture and society of Botswana. In small classes, experienced instructors will work with you to develop your listening, speaking, and reading skills.

You’ll also dive into the details of Botswana by taking an elective course at the University of Botswana (UB). You can choose from a variety of topics in African studies, including history, literature and poetry, politics, economics and development, contemporary social issues, religion, and public health.

Throughout the semester, contribute your thoughts to the discussion-based course taught by your visiting faculty director, which focuses on a topic related to Southern Africa. Since your fellow ACM students will also take this course, it’s a great chance to return to your liberal arts roots and share your unique experiences abroad with one another.

An independent study project (ISP), mentored by the ACM visiting faculty director, will be your chance to investigate an aspect of Botswana society and culture in your area of interest based on your studies and experiences in Gaborone. Which topic will capture your scholarly interest?