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Independent Study Project

Immerse yourself in Botswana and explore a subject you’re passionate about through the independent study project (ISP). Explore the public health challenges of HIV/AIDS, examine gender roles, and even immerse yourself in the world of Tswana hip-hop.

ISPs are self-designed to fit your research interests and allow you to focus on one particular aspect of your experience in Botswana.

Your faculty director will serve as an academic advisor for all ISPs. While students have a lot of freedom to choose a subject, the faculty director will help you to root your project in the context of Botswana while connecting you with local resources. You can pursue an ISP that relates to your local engagement in the community, whether that’s through a volunteer organization or a youth soccer club.

All students receive credit for the ISP, and many departments accept your work for major credit if you focus on a subject relevant to your major.

“Forging friendships with Batswana and ACM students alike, traveling throughout sub-Saharan Africa, volunteering with a Pediatric AIDS clinic, and completing an auto-ethnographic research project all challenged me to become more confident, patient, flexible and understanding.”

Rebekah Bally, Knox College, anthropology & sociology major

Recent Projects

Scroll down or use links to see students' ISP titles in recent years.

Anthropology & sociology

Environmental studies
Arts & language Health care & public health
Development & nation building in Africa International relations & globalization
Economics & business Politics & history
Education Women's & gender studies

Anthropology & Sociology

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Arts & Language

  • The One in the Mirror: The Effects of a Contemporary African Cultural Performance in Generating HIV/AIDS Awareness among a Subt-Saharan African Population (2015)
  • "Trapped in Purgaory": Short Stories Based on Experience at Rainbow Identity (2014)
  • Exploring Notions of "Cultural" Art in Botswana (2013)

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Development & Nation Building in Africa

  • Assessing the Need for Stronger Private Property Rights in Botswana (2017)
  • Mining and Economic Development in African Countries: Botswana in Comparative Perspective (2015)
  • Human Trafficking in Southern Africa and Its Negative Effects on Security and Development (2014)
  • Hunting: Botswana Moving from Hunting to Ecotourism (2013)
  • Economic Empowerment in Marginalized Populations of Botswana (2012)

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Economics & Business

  • Commodification of Cultural Tourism in Botswana (2017)
  • Gaborone’s Informal Markets: A Case for Radical Inclusion (2017)
  • Voluntourism (2016)
  • Africa's Age: Botswana's Economic History and the Development Obstacles It May Face in the Future - A Case Study (2015)
  • An Economic Analysis of Botswana's Welfare System (2015)
  • Veld Products Research and Development Center Project (2014)
  • Portfolio of a Community Placement: Wild Fruits of Africa (2014)
  • The Forces Driving People into Informal Economy with Regard to their Age and Gender (2012)

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Environmental Studies

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Health Care & Public Health

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International Relations & Globalization

  • Elephant Tusks in Botswana and Southern Africa and Its Cultural Implications in Asian Countries (2013)
  • Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan African States' Development: What is the Future for the Emerging International System? (2013)

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Politics & History

  • Legal Proceedings: A Comparison Between the U.S.A. and Botswana (2016)
  • Human Trafficking in Botswana: Abetting Modern Slavery Through Neglect (2015)
  • Democratization in the Miracle State: How Batswana Perceive Democracy (2014)
  • Capital Punishment in the International World: The Effects of Botswana's Democratic Practice of the Death Penalty (2013)
  • The Modern Kgosi: Resilient, Traditional Chiefships in Modern Botswana (2013)

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Women's & Gender Studies

  • Gender Inequality and HIV: How Gender Inequality in Botswana has Sustained the Epidemic (2017)
  • A Comprehensive Anaylsis of Female-Headed Households in Botswana, 1900 - 2015 (2015)
  • Gender Inequalities in Botswana's Culture (2015)
  • Women's Political Leadership in the House of Traditional Leaders: The Remarkable Women in the Office of Kgosi Mosadi (2014)
  • Gender Links: Gaining Experience in a Gender Organization (2014)
  • Pregnancy in Education: Botswana's Reentry Policy (2013)
  • Basadi mo Botswana: Women in the Socio-Economic Order of Botswana (2013)

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