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Excursions & Travel

Travel to urban and rural areas, historical sites, and ecological zones in Botswana to see the region’s character come to life. Depending on the interest of the visiting faculty director and students, program excursions will include a variety of exciting options that show you Botswana and southern Africa up close.

A visit to Jwaneng Diamond Mine shows you a crucial source of Botswana’s national wealth, while a weekend homestay in a nearby village exposes you to new ways of life outside of Gaborone. Spending a weekend in Johannesburg, a thriving cultural center in South Africa, reveals the impact of urban development on areas beyond your program site.

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Spring Break

When spring break rolls around, you'll explore the growing ecotourism sector of Botswana's economy. Travel with a student group to the Okavango Delta, the largest wetlands in Africa, and explore the vibrant landscape in motorboats or dugout canoes. Then, gear up to see a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat by venturing through Chobe National Park or Moremi Game Reserve in northern Botswana.