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Location & Facilities

Experience daily life in a nation completely transformed by 50 years of civilian leadership and economic growth. Botswana is strengthening its infrastructure, education, and health sectors through revenue generated from mineral resources, tourism, cattle ranching, and financial services.

In Botswana, you will see how a nation can strengthen its economy while preserving its natural environment.

By combining a strong economy with progressive social policies that address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Botswana offers an array of possible solutions to the crises faced by other countries on the continent.

You’ll find a new daily routine in the city of Gaborone, the rapidly-growing capital of Botswana, where new neighborhoods and modern urban centers continue to emerge. The city is also home to the University of Botswana campus, where you will take classes and get involved with the larger community.

Throughout your time in Botswana and the region, travel to nature reserves and ecological parks, shop at various malls, stay as a guest in a rural village, and explore other nearby cities. In Botswana, you will see how a nation can strengthen its economy while preserving its natural environment and empowering local communities.

Learn more about urbanization and development in Botswana

 Watch our webinar to hear from Dr. Stephen Volz, Visiting Faculty Director in spring 2017, about his past experiences living and working in Botswana.

University of Botswana

Spend a semester as a student at the University of Botswana (UB), a leading university that encourages students to advance Botswana’s social and economic conditions. It offers a comprehensive mix of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, and its student body includes Batswana, students from neighboring countries, and international students.

Since all of your classes will be held on campus, you’ll enjoy all the state-of-the-art amenities that UB has to offer. As a registered student, you will have access to the sports facilities, cafeterias, campus computer labs, health clinic, and library. The UB library is considered one of the finest in southern Africa and gives you access to helpful resources to assist with your program coursework.