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Courses & Credits

Recommended credit is 16 semester credits. There are no prerequisites for the Newberry Seminar.

Each semester, the Newberry Seminar has an interdisciplinary theme that provides focus for the group's work during the first part of the semester. Students use the Newberry's collections and Chicago's setting as they explore these broad themes, develop their skills as researchers within a community of scholars, and complete a substantial written paper.


The completion of the seminar and the student research paper yield a full semester of academic credit. The specific distribution of credits is a matter of negotiation between you and your advisor and college registrar. ACM will provide details to your campus upon request.

The 16 semester credits earned may be assigned to one academic area or may be divided among multiple disciplines, depending on the research topic. You are encouraged to confirm credit distribution with your campus prior to the start of the program.

Grade reports

All students who complete an ACM off-campus study program receive a grade report which lists their courses, credits, and grades. Most colleges accept this grade report as an official academic document. If a college requires an official academic transcript, ACM can arrange to have an official transcript issued through Beloit College for a $450 processing fee. To request an official transcript, students must make a formal request through ACM at the time of acceptance.