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Eric Perramond

Eric Perramond

Eric P. Perramond is an Associate Professor of Southwest Studies and Environmental Science at Colorado College, where he teaches for both Southwest Studies and the Environmental Program, along with first-year seminars on the Greater Southwest, an advanced seminar on Political Ecology of the Southwest, and a conservation-focused course on Environmental Management.

He has published widely in geography and interdisciplinary journals, such as the Geographical Review, Area, Geoforum, and the Journal of Political Ecology. His first book was released in 2010 (Political Ecologies of Cattle Ranching in Northern Mexico: Private Revolutions, Arizona University Press, 2010). The second was a co-authored project on environments and society (An Introduction to Human Environment Geography, WILEY, 2013).  He is currently engaged in his next book project tentatively entitled, “The Unsettled Waters: Governance, justice, and ecological power in New Mexico.”

Professor Perramond grew up in a bilingual household (French and English) and is personally and professionally fascinated with the way that peoples and environments shape particular outcomes in history. His pan-Mediterranean and borderland interests led him to study and acquire Spanish as a third language, largely acquired during his long stays in Mexico.

Professor Perramond’s commitment to interdisciplinary inquiry belies his three degrees in the academic discipline of geography.  Since leaving graduate school in 1999, he has only taught in liberal arts college environments. Since arriving at Colorado College in 2005, Professor Perramond has been actively involved in numerous interdisciplinary initiatives, including the development of the Southwest Studies major, and a new Environmental Policy track within the Environmental Program. He has lived extensively in France and leads field excursions throughout the American Southwest. Additional information can be found on his Colorado College faculty profile page.