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William Davis

William Davis

William S. Davis is an Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and German at The Colorado College, where he teaches a variety of courses in literature, language and theory for the Comparative Literature Program, as well as for German and English. He regularly teaches a first-year seminar in Comparative Literature that examines a broad survey of literary texts from ancient to modern. He teaches both introductory as well as advanced seminars in literary theory with particular emphasis on psychoanalysis, cultural studies, digital theory and poetics. For the German Program, he teaches language and literature courses at all levels. For the English Department he teaches a number of courses, mainly focused on the Romantic period.

Most of his research has been in the area of German and British Romanticism, investigating also connections between philosophy and literature. He has published in both English and German in journals such as The Germanic Review, European Romantic Review, Prism(s), and Berliner Schelling Studien. He is currently working on a project involving “Romantic Hellenism” — European representations of Greece in poetry and philosophy, with an emphasis on aesthetics and the philosophy of nature.

Professor Davis’s work with students in the liberal arts particularly emphasizes internationalism, cosmopolitanism and encounters with cultures outside of the US. He has team-taught a course in Tanzania retracing Hemingway’s African experiences and writings, teaches regularly for Colorado College’s study abroad program in Germany, and has recently created a team-taught course on Romantic Hellenism and revolution taught in Greece.

Additional information can be found on his Colorado College faculty profile page.