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Faculty Research & Teaching

The Newberry program offers opportunities to faculty at member institutions of the ACM and the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA).

Teaching the Newberry Seminar

Each semester, the seminar is led by a pair of instructors from the ACM and GLCA colleges. This is an opportunity to lead advanced students in discussion and research at a world-class library. Past seminar faculty have seen this as the best teaching experience of their careers. Seminar leaders can also do their own research in the library's collections. For additional information, please see the application information or send an email to us at

Research at the Newberry

Modest travel grants that can be applied to your lodging are available from the ACM, if you are interested in conducting short-term research at the Newberry to prepare a proposal to lead the Newberry Seminar or to plan for a research sabbatical. See the Faculty Travel Grants webpage for information about applying for a grant.

Do you know students interested in the Newberry Seminar?

Please send us the names of your students who would benefit from participation in the Newberry Seminar. It is designed for students who are considering graduate study in the humanities or who simply enjoy independent research and writing. Contact with the names of potential Newberry Seminar applicants.